Understanding Commercial Loan TrueRate Services

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Commercial Loan is very important source for all Enterprises to fulfil their financial needs.While taking Commercial loan can be complex and time consuming process. Here TrueRate Services comes into play.

TrueRate Services is an financial technology company which provides variety of commercial loan products and other services to all medium to small Enterprises. The mission of Company, Commercial Loan TrueRate Services ,  is to help business to get the best possible financial terms, So that they can get Success.

In this article we will discuss about Commercial Loan TrueRate Services , How it works, its key features and Advantages of TrueRate services in detail.

What Are Commercial Loan TrueRate Services?

Commercial Loan Truerate Services are specific Services, which provides Accurate and transparent evaluation of actual interest rates Commercial borrowers. TrueRate services go beyond the advertised interest rates and takes into account the factors such as fees , closing costs and other hidden fees which can significantly affect the overall cost of borrowing. TrueRate Services offers a number of services that can help businesses get the best commercial loan, including:

  • Commercial loan matching:  TrueRate Services has a wide network, Therefore, it can match enterprises with right lender according to their needs.
  • Commercial loan pre-qualification: Businesses can become pre-qualified for loans with TrueRate Services’ help, finding out how much they are able to borrow as well as what their rate of interest will be.
  • Commercial loan negotiation: On behalf of enterprises, TrueRate Services is able to negotiate with lenders to obtain the best terms.
  • Commercial loan closing: Businesses are able to finish their loans with TrueRate Services’ assistance so they can use the cash as soon as possible.

How Do TrueRate Services Differ From Traditional Loan Services?

Traditional loan services generally includes going to bank or financial institution for applying for loan. And the borrower businesses needs to provide financial statement, income tax return and lots of documents including business plan to the lender. Then the lender will analyse the papers and will decide whether to give the loan or not.

On the other hand, TrueRate Services is a more streamlined process. Business can apply online for the loan and have to present only basic details, such as name of business, contact details and needed funds. Then TrueRate Services will match the correct lender for them and negotiate on their behalf to obtain the best possible terms.

How TrueRate Services Work

TrueRate Services uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate the true cost of a commercial loan. The algorithm takes into account a number of factors, including:

  • The borrower’s credit score: High credit score indicates that there is high chances that borrower will repay loan, it means lender can offer loan at low interest rate.
  • The amount of the loan:  The interest rate depends on loan amount also, if the loan is of high amount, the interest rate will be high.
  • The term of the loan: Interest rate also depend on duration of loan, longer the duration , lower will be the interest rate.
  • The lender’s risk appetite: It is the amount of loss which an lender is ready to accept. The lender taking lower risks generally offers loan at higher interest rates.
  • The current market conditions: The rate of interest depends on the market conditions also , if the market conditions are not good then the rate of interest might be high.
  • The borrower’s specific needs and requirements: The interest rate also depends on the specific conditions of the borrower, such as some of the borrowers require loan for purchasing machinery , some of them require for tour and travel etc. TrueRate Services will factor in the cost of the equipment and the expected depreciation.

When determining the real cost of a loan, TrueRate Services also takes the borrower’s unique wants and requirements into account. TrueRate Services will take into account the cost of the devices and the expected depreciation, for example, if the borrower requires a loan to buy equipment and expected depreciation.

Importance of Accurate Data and Information for TrueRate Calculations

Data used by TrueRate should be correct and accurate for calculation. If the data is not correct then the TrueRate Calculation will be wrong, as a result the borrower may have pay higher amount relatively. That’s Why TrueRate uses variety of sources. These sources include:

Publicly Available Data: TrueRate services uses some of the publicly available data, such as Credit Score and interest rates.

Data from Lenders: TrueRate services also uses date from other lenders, ability to bear risk and conditions of giving loan.

Data from Borrower’s: TrueRate services collects data from borrower’s also, such as financial statement and commmercial planning.

By using data from various sources, TrueRate services are able to provide accurate and reliable TrueRate Calculation. This helps borrowers make informed decisions about their commercial loans and get the best possible financing terms.

Key Features of Commercial Loan TrueRate Services

Transparency and Accuracy

Transparency and Accuracy is important for loan conditions and interest rates. It is because it helps to borrowers to make informed decision for their Commercial Loans. When borrowers know exactly what they are borrowing, and what amount they have to repay, then they are able to take whether to take loan or not.

TrueRate services provide accurate and transparency to borrowers. That’s because TrueRate services uses an algorithm for correct calculation for cost of commercial loans. The algorithm take care of many factors, which includes credit score, amount of loan, duration of loan and risk ability of lenders.

TrueRate services provides correct and accurate information of Borrows. This is because TruRate services uses different sources, which includes publicly available data, borrower’s data and lenders data.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Risk assessment and mitigation is also an important aspect of giving loans. This is because it allows lenders to calculate the risk of default and provide best possible terms.

TrueRate Services calculates risk for borrowers and try to minimize them. It analyses the financial position and credit history of the  borrower. TrueRate services helps to provide an instrument to restrict and manage the risk for borrowers, such as Credit Monitoring and Debt Consolidation.

Cost Comparison and Savings

The ability to effectively compare loan costs is essential for borrowers. That’s because it can provide best possible deal for your commercial loan to borrowers.

TrueRate Services helps borrowers to compare loan costs effectively. This is done for giving information to borrower about various interest rates, costs and other expenses. TrueRate also provide information to borrowers about expected savings.

Advantages of Commercial Loan TrueRate Services

Enhanced Borrower Confidence

When the borrowers have transparent loan conditions and costs, accurate and reliable information and tools helps manage their risk, Then they feel full of confidence while taking decision for their commercial loan. This because they have option to take informed decision and understand the risk involved in it.

Increased Competition Among Lenders

TrueRate Services promotes healthy competition among lenders by providing borrowers with information on the interest rates, fees and other costs of various loans. This information helps borrowers to talk to lenders and give them power of getting the best possible terms. As a result, the lenders can give attractive offer to attract borrowers.

Lower Borrowing Costs

TruRate services provides effective way of comparing loan cost and find the best possible deal to save their money in getting the commercial loan to borrowers. TrueRate Services does this by providing borrowers with information on the interest rates, fees and other costs of various loans. This information helps borrowers for comparing different loans and allows us to identify loans that offer the best value.

Examples of Cost Savings Achieved Through TrueRate Analysis

In an survey of TrueRate Services it found that Businesses that used TrueRate services to compare loan terms and rates, they have saved an average of 2% on their loans.This means an business taking loan of $1 million can save up-to $20000 by using TrueRate Services.

In another survey of TrueRate services it was found that Businesses that used TrueRate services to negotiate with lenders, they got an average of 0.5% less interest rates. This means an business taking loan of $1 million can save up-to $5000 by using TrueRate Services.

Common Misconceptions about Commercial Loan TrueRate Services

  • Misconception: TrueRate services are only for businesses with bad credit.
  • Fact: TrueRate services can be used by businesses of all credit ratings. In fact, TrueRate services can be especially helpful for businesses with good credit, as they can help them to get the best possible terms on their loans.
  • Misconception: TrueRate services are only for large businesses.
  • Fact: TrueRate services can be used by businesses of all sizes. In fact, TrueRate services can be especially helpful for small businesses, as they may not have the resources to do their own loan shopping.
  • Misconception: TrueRate services are a substitute for good financial planning.
  • Fact: TrueRate services are a tool that can help businesses to make informed decisions about their commercial loans. However, TrueRate services are not a substitute for good financial planning. Businesses should still work with a financial advisor to develop a comprehensive financial plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can TrueRate calculations change over time?

Yes, TrueRate Calculations can change with time. That's because TrureRate formula take care of volatility of the underlying asset, Volatility of any asset can change with time. For Example, if Volatility of any asset increases, TrueRate calculations will also be increased.

Can TrueRate services be used for personal loans?

No, TrueRate services do not provide service for Personal Loan, actually they are specialised in Commercial loans.They do not offer personal loan services.

Are TrueRate services only applicable to specific industries?

TrueRate services are not only applicable to specific industries. They can be used by businesses in any industry that takes out commercial loans. However, some industries may find TrueRate services more useful than others.


We have discussed about Commercial Loan TrueRate Services in the above article. TrueRate services an financial technological company which provides services related to Commercial loan matching, pre-qualification, negotiation and closing. It uses an algorithm to find out actual cost of loan which uses Credit score, amount of loan , duration of loan and risk tolerance or lender. It gives accurate information to lender and finds out perfect match for the borrowers and help borrowers to save money and get their Commercial Loan TrueRate Services.

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