How to Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account

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Master Card gift card is an popular method of giving and receiving money. These are used by millions of people all around the world to do shopping online and offline stores. While, Master Card Gift Cards have some limitations. For Example You can use them for shopping only and they cant be Re- Loaded and can not be used to withdraw cash from ATM.

Brief Introduction of MasterCard Gift card : MasterCard are prepaid cards which contains a specified amount of money. The Card holder can use these gift card for shopping from any of the store accepting MasterCard. Gift Cards can be purchased in different values such $10 to $500 or more.

Convenience and benefits to transfer MasterCard gift card to bank account: There are some advantages of transferring funds to bank account. Firstly, Gift cards can be very useful and convenient for shopping.  For Example, if you have an gift card and you do not want to use it, then you can transfer funds to your bank account and use that fund paying off Bills and do other shopping. Second, by transferring gift card to bank account you to can avoid fees. Some of the gift cards charge activation fees or dormancy fees, which can be avoided by transferring funds to bank account.

Understanding MasterCard Gift Cards

What is MasterCard a Gift Card ?

MasterCard are prepaid cards which contains a specified amount of money. The Card holder can use these gift card for shopping from any of the store accepting MasterCard. Gift Cards can be purchased in different values such $10 to $500 or more.

How do MasterCard gift cards work? 

When you purchase the MasterCard, you will receive an physical card or an e gift card , which will include an unique card number , expiration date and a PIN. For using the card , all you need to enter is the card number, expiring date and PIN. Remaining amount of shopping is deducted from Card.

What are the benefits of MasterCard gift cards?

There are several benefits of the gift card:

  • They are a convenient way to give or receive money.
  • They can be used at millions of merchants around the world.
  • They are a safe way to shop online.
  • They do not expire.

What is the difference between gift cards and credit/debit cards?

The main difference between Credit/Debit Card is that they are Prepaid Cards, while Credit/Debit card are not. It Means when you are using the Gift Card, actually you are spending the funds which are already loaded in Gift Card. When you are using credit card you are taking funds as loan form bank, in case of Debit Card the funds are deducted from your bank account.

We have discussed some difference between Credit/Debit Card and Gift card below:

FeatureMasterCard Gift Card
Credit/Debit Card
How it worksPrepaid card that is loaded with a certain amount of money
Borrows money from the credit card company or your bank
Can be used atMerchants that accept MasterCard
Merchants that accept credit/debit cards
Does not expireYesNo
FeesActivation fees, dormancy fees
Interest charges, late payment fees


Limitations of Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account

  • Restrictions on using gift cards for certain transactions: Gift cards from MasterCard cannot be used to buy certain products or services, including lottery tickets, gambling, or alcoholic beverages. Also, they cannot be used to cover ongoing expenses like rent or utility payments.
  • Inability to directly transfer gift card balance to a bank account: The balance on a MasterCard gift card usually cannot be transferred directly to a bank account. However, a few vendors allow you the option to do this, usually for a cost.
  • Activation fees and dormancy fees: Some MasterCard gift cards require payment of activation fees when they are first purchased. Others might levy dormancy fees if the card is not used for a particular period of time.

Here are some examples of how these limitations might affect you:

  • If you receive a MasterCard gift card as a gift, you may not be able to use it to purchase something you need, such as groceries or gas.
  • If you have a MasterCard gift card that has an expiration date, you may not be able to use the balance on the card if you don’t use it before the expiration date.
  • If you have a MasterCard gift card that has an activation fee, you may not want to pay the fee if you only have a small balance on the card.

Exploring Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account Option’s

Purchasing Money Orders

  • This is a simple and straightforward way to transfer the balance on a MasterCard gift card to a bank account.
  • You can purchase money orders at most post offices, banks, and convenience stores.
  • The cost of a money order varies, but it is typically around $1.
  • Once you have purchased a money order, you can deposit it into your bank account.

Linking to Mobile Payment Apps

  • You can link your MasterCard gift card to some mobile payment apps, like Venmo and PayPal, and then transfer the remaining money to your bank account.
  • Although this is a practical method of money transfer, not all MasterCard gift cards might support it.
  • Additionally, there can be charges for connecting your gift card to a mobile payment app.

Using Peer-to-Peer Payment Platforms

  • You can transfer and receive cash from others using peer-to-peer payment platforms like Cash App and Zelle.
  • These online platforms allow you to give somebody else access to the remaining value on your MasterCard gift card so they can deposit it into their bank account.
  • Since this is a useful means of money transfer, not all MasterCard gift cards might support it.
  • Also, using peer-to-peer payment networks could incur costs.

Purchasing Prepaid Visa/Mastercard Cards

  • A large number of retailers sell prepaid Visa or MasterCard cards.
  • You can load the balance of value from your MasterCard gift card onto a prepaid card after you’ve finished a transaction.
  • The prepaid card can then be used to make shopping or make ATM withdrawals.
  • As it is a useful means of money transmission, it might not be the most economical choice.
  • Also, there can be costs for purchasing and using prepaid cards.

 Contacting Gift Card Issuer

  • If all else fails, you can contact the issuer of your MasterCard gift card for assistance.
  • The issuer might be able to provide you more options or assist you in sending the funds to your bank account.

Points to Consider

When you are transferring the MasterCard Gift Card balance, there are many factors to keep in mind, it includes transfer fees and some if the restrictions.

  • The type of gift card:  Master card gift cards come in different types, such as Prepaid or promotional cards. Any specific type of card can affect the transfer procedure , the expected fees and the restrictions.
  • The fees associated with transfer: While transferring the balance fees may be charged in different types.Such as, if you are choosing money-orders for transferring balance, then the service may include charges. Before coming to any point, we should keep this thing in mind.
  • The restrictions associated with transfer: In some cases there may be restrictions associated with the transferable amount, Or specific requirements or conditions may have to be filled before the transfer can occur. These may be different depending upon the banned transfer method,gift card rules and conditions.

Here are some potential expenses and restrictions associated to different transmission methods:

  • Purchasing money orders: You might have to pay a fee for each money order you buy when utilising them to transfer the amount. The supplier or financial institution issuing the money order may charge a different amount.
  • Linking to mobile payment apps: Some of the mobile Apps allows you to link the gift card for payment, and allows you to transfer the funds digitally. While , these apps may charge fees or processing fees as percentage for transferring the funds.
  • Using peer-to-peer payment platforms: P2P payment platforms, such as PayPal or Venemo allows you to transfer the balance funds to the bank account. While, these platform may have restrictions of fund Source and may charge fees for transferring.

Ensuring a Smooth Transfer

To ensure a flawless Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account follow these safety measures:

Ensuring Safe Transfer
  • Verify the balance of the gift card: The first thing you need to ensure is the balance in the gift Card you want to transfer. You can call customer care for verifying the balance available in the card.
  • Verify the recipient’s bank account details: Ensure you have the right bank account number, routing number and name of the receiver. You can confirm it by check you bank statement or in case you transferring to other you can confirm by contacting the receiver.
  • Choose a safe and secure transfer method:  As we have discussed about ” Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account ” , there are several ways to do it. Some of them are safe as compared to others. Always choose the safest way such as , when you are transferring online, you should not use a public WiFi for internet.
  • Be aware of fees:  Some of the methods may charge fees, while transferring be aware of that.

Here are some extra suggestions to help you stay away of difficulties and mistakes while transferring:

  • Double-check all of your information before you initiate the transfer:  This includes card number, bank details of receiver and transaction method.
  • Keep a record of the transfer: If face any problem while transferring, it will help you.
  • Be patient: It may take few minutes to few hours.

Here are some additional tips for verifying recipient bank account details:

  • Ask the recipient to provide you with their bank account information in writing. T
  • Call the recipient’s bank to verify their account information. T
  • Be aware of common scams involving fraudulent bank account information.

Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account: FAQs

Can I directly transfer my Mastercard gift card balance to my bank account?

No, you can not transfer Mastercard gift card balance to bank account directly. While there are some alternative ways of transferring which are discussed in the article.

Are there any fees involved in transferring the gift card balance?

Yes, Some of the platforms may charge fees on transferring. And some of them may charge a percentage cut from the amount you want to transfer.

Will transferring gift card funds affect my credit score?

No, transferring gift card funds will not affect your credit score. Gift cards are not considered credit accounts, so they do not show up on your credit report.

Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account: Conclusion

Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account is a very simple process. In this article we have discussed in detail about How to Transfer MasterCard Gift Card to Bank Account in a step by step manner.

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