Santander Payoff Address: Get Out of Debt Today !

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Are you ready to payoff Santander Loan ? If yes, then you will need the Santander payoff Address. Payoff Address is that address which will be required to completely Payoff your loan. Using right Payoff Address in important, because sending payment to wrong Address can delay your loan payment or It can also be stopped.
In this article we will provide you Santander Payoff Address. We will also discuss the alternatives of paying off Santander Loan, Such as Online banking, Phone Payment and mail payment etc.

So , ultimately if you want to get rid of your Loan, and want to know anything about Santander Payoff Address, Continue Reading !

What Does Payoff Address Means ?

Payoff address is that address which helps you to send your loan repayment at right place. Using right Payoff address is important, because if you send the payment at wrong Payoff address , then their will be a delay in your loan payment and it can also be stopped.

Your Loan Payoff address is generally provided by your lender. And you can contact lender by calling them from the details given on your documents.

When you are paying of Payoff address, Assure including these details:

  • Your Loan Account Number.
  • Your Payment amount.
  • Your Payment Date.
  • Your name and Address

If you are paying off through mail, then assure sending it to verified mail address and demand acknowledgement Receipt.  It will give you assurance that your payment is received and you have proof of payment.

What Is Santander Payoff Address ?

The details of Santander Payoff Address can be checked on Santander’s official website :

Standard Payoff Address

Santander Consumer USA
P.O. Box 660633
Dallas, TX 75266-0633

Overnight Santander Payoff Address 

Santander Consumer USA
3000 Kellway Drive, Suite 120
Carrollton, TX 75006

Santander Consumer USA Lienholder Address:

PO Box 961288,
Fort Worth, Texas, TX 76161

Santander Consumer USA Loss payee address:

PO Box 1984,
Carmel, Indiana, IN 46802

However it is advised to check the details at their official Website. The above said addresses are for reference.

What is the Process of Paying Off Santander?

The Payoff of Santander Depends on , which type of loan you have taken. We have given the process in a step by step Manner to payoff Santander Personal Loan:

What is the Process of Paying Off Santander?
  • Login to your Santander Banking account.
  • Click on “Loan” Tab.
  • Select the Loan you want to Payoff.
  • Click on “Make Payment” Tap.
  • Enter the Amount You Want to Payoff.
  • Verify the payment details and then Click on “Submit” Button.

You can Payoff Santander Loan with the help of Phone or Mail also. For Paying off through phone call on 1-800-727-2727 and Talk to the customer care executive. For Paying Off through mail, Send your check or Money order Here:

Santander Consumer USA
P.O. Box 650215
Indianapolis, IN 46265-0215

Please don’t forget to Enter your Loan Number and Amount you want to payoff  in the memo Line of Check or Money Order.

If you have Credit Card then you can payoff your Balance Amount Through Online, by phone or personally by going to Santander’s Branch. For online payment, login to your Santander’s online banking account and Click on ” Credit Card” Tab. Select the Credit Card you whose bill you want to Payoff and click of ” Make Payment” Tab. Enter the amount you want to payoff and Click on “Submit” Button.

For Paying off through phone call on 1-800-727-2727 and Talk to the customer care executive. For Paying off Personally, go to Santander Branch With Your Credit Card Detail.

Santander Do not charges any prepayment penalties for early payment of your Credit Card Loan or Personal Loan.It Means you can Payoff your balance loan early without any penalty or Fines/charges. Really, you save money on interest by paying off you loan early.

Also Read

Does Santander Consumer USA operate as a bank?

No, Santander Consumer USA do not operate as a bank. It is an subsidiary of Spanish multinational banking and Financial Company, It is wholly owned by an Banco Santander.Santander Consumer USA is an finance company which is specialized in Auto Loans, Credit Card and Personal Loans. It does not provide traditional banking services Such as Checking or Saving Account.

Santander Bank, N.A is a separate entity from Santander Consumer USA. Santander Bank is an full-service retail bank which provides all of the traditional banking services such as Checking and savings account, Credit cards , Bonds and other Banking Products and services. Its Headwaters are located in Boston, Massachusetts and its branches are located in North East United States Of America.

Santander Payoff Address: FAQ’s


What is the phone number for Santander payoff?

Phone number for Santander payoff is (888) 222-4227. You can call on this number for payment of Auto Loan, get your pay off Quote or for any kind of questions regarding your Loan. Customer Care Executives are available for Monday to Friday between 7:00 AM to 09:00 PM, while on Saturday they are available between 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

How do I request a payoff?

For the Payoff Request, you can call the customer care executive of lender, you can login to your account, or can send a mail. While requesting for payoff you will need to give your information's such as
your loan account number , address of asset and required payment date. Now your lender will provide you an payoff quote, which is the required to clear your payoff amount.

What is proof of payoff?

Proof of Payoff is an document which represents that you have payed the whole loan amount. It is generally issued by the lender which includes the loan number, payment amount and payment date and other related information. Payoff proof is satisfaction that you have payed off all the loan or can be used to present proof of your good credit.


In conclusion, for closing your loan completely and avoid delay in repayment Santander Payoff Address is essentially required. For the assuring the accuracy of Santander Payoff Address we can avoid payment related accidents and any stoppages.  The above article provides limelight to the importance of using right Santander Payoff Address, and also the alternatives of the above said payoff address in detail, and creates an structure to payoff. In addition, this article also discusses that Santander bank and Santander Consumer USA are separate entity. By following instructions and using available resources, borrower can confidently navigate the payoff process and achieve the financial milestone.

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