Polygon’s Exclusive NFTs for Polygon 2.0 Launch!

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On the upgrade of Polygon 2.0, they have launched a special open edition NFT, Polygon and Suku have partnered resulting Buzzing in the Crypto Space.

This news has attracted many users and over 40000 twitter users has already minted the Polygon NFT, which resulted in digital madness.

 over 40000 twitter users has already minted the Polygon NFT

Partnership between Polygon and Suku promises to redefine the NFT Landscape, which gives motivated peoples , a unique opportunity to participate in this revolutionary Movement.

Polygon is a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum  which has become one of the most popular platforms for building and posting decentralised applications. Suku is and digital wallet which allows user to store , manage and trade NFT’s.

Polygon 2.0 is perfect example of open edition digital Art which is celebrating the launch of Polygon 2.0. Polygon network have a stylised representation in NFT, in addition “Polygon 2.0” and “The future of Ethereum” word is also included in it.

NFT is free for those individuals who want to mine it. For mining NFT, users have to download Suku Wallet and they have to connect it to tweeter account.Once they have connected the account , then by clicking on one tweet of polygon team they can make the NFT. One can claim the NFT here…

Polygon’s Exclusive NFTs for Polygon 2.0 Launch

Polygon 2.0 is an limited edition , open edition NFT, which means that they are available in limited number for mining .This makes NFTs a valuable collectible , and it sure that it will be popular among the Polygon Enthusiasts.

In addition to being collectible, Polygon 2.0 Open addition NFT also provides some advantages. Such as, NFT holders will have early access to polygon projects and android Apps. They can participate in specific polygon programmes.

Polygon 2.0 open edition NFT is a mile stone for both Polygon and Suku. NFT is a Proof to the growing popularity of NFTs, and it will definitely boost the adoption of polygon platform for decentralised application development and its deployment.

With introduction of this dynamic NFT the market is feeling excitement. Popular artists, producers and collectors are actively taking part in it, They  are competing to get an part in this digital revolution.

Polygon 2.0 Open edition NFT is really an unique and valuable collectable. It is sign of Ethereum Future , and it is sure that in coming future it will be an hot commodity between Collectors.

Some of the additional details of Polygon 2.0 open Edition NFT:

  • NFT is an 1080×1080 pixel png file.
  • NFT can be stored on Polygon Network
  • NFT can be minted on Ethereum Blockchain.
  • NFT is an limited edition NFT, and only 10000 copies being minted.
  • Minting of NFT is free of cost
  • NFT can be used to support Polygon, storing and trading.

Polygon 2.0 open edition NFT is a best way to celebrate the Polygon 2.0 launch and become member of Community . If you are interested in minting NFT, then you can follow the steps given on the Polygon website.

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