How To Use Chime Spot Me Without Card 2023

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Are You Tired of Overdraft Fees ? Chime Spot me is an free overdraft protection service which helps you to cover unexpected expenses of upto $200. But what will happen if You do not have Chime debit Card?  Is it still possible to use Chime Spot Me?
The Answer is Yes ! There are some Ways to use Chime Spot me. In this article we will discuss about how to do that.

We will also discuss about the need of Using Chime Spot me, and will give answers of some general questions. So, whether you are searching the way of avoiding overdraft fees or if you need instant cash, To know different ways for using Chime Spot me Without Card Read forward !

What is Chime Spot Me ?

Chime Spot Me is an optional , free service which allows Chime users to overdraft to a certain limit  without any over-drafting fees. Initially the limit is $20, but based on your Account history, frequency of direct deposit and amount, expense activity and other risk based factors it can be increased upto $200. Spot Me can be used for shopping though debit card and withdrawal from ATM.

How do I get Chime Spot Me?

To be eligible for Spot Me , you have to do following:

  • Open Chime Checking account.
  • Receive  a direct deposit of $200 every month in your Chime checking Account.
  • Always have an good Credit History.
  • Once you get eligible you can activate Spot Me service in your Chime Account.

How does Chime Spot Me work?

When you do shopping or overdraw an amount from your Chime account, then Chime will give you “Spot” Up to your Spot limit. You will have 24 hours of time before chime Takes any Overdrafting fees from you.

Is Chime SpotMe safe?

Yes, Chime Spot Me is best and secure way to overdraft your account without any fees. Chime have good reputation for its financial stability, and it have good history for securing the money of their customers. In addition, Spot me is available for those customers which fulfil any specified norms by Chime, which helps to avoid frauds.

How to Use Chime SpotMe with a Card

To use Chime Spot Me with a Card we have given Some of the steps you need to follow:

  • Assure that you have an Chime account and an Chime Debit Card.
  • Assure that you have activated Spot Me service in your Chime account.
  • Do shopping with your chime card and the shopping amount should be more than your Chime Account Balance.
  • Chime will automatically cover the overdraft up to your Spot Me limit.
  • You will get an notification from Chime that the Spot me service used by you.

Use Spot Me service to Withdraw Cash From ATM

Yes you can use Chime Spot Me Service for Withdrawing money from ATM:

  • Insert Chime Debit card in ATM.
  • Enter the PIN.
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw.
  • If you have low balance the Chime Spot Me service will automatically cover it to you Spot Me limit.
  • You will get and notification , which will confirm that you have used Chime Spot Me Service.

Here the the point to be noted that you can use Spot Me service only for Shopping and withdrawing Money From ATM. You can not use it for any type of transaction, Such as ACH transfer or Bill payment.

How To Use Chime Spot Me Without Card

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Chime Spot Me without Card.  Spot Me is a type  of service which is designed to work and use with Chime Debit Card. However there are some ways by using which we can use Chime Spot Me Service for withdrawing cash without a Card.

Option 1 : You can Use Chime SpotMe with a Virtual Card

Creating a Virtual Card is an easy and straight technique which allows you to use Chime Spot Me service without Physical card. It can be a solution , when you do not have physical card an need funds in emergency.

We have discussed a way of creating Virtual card and using them :

  • Open Chime App and login to your Account.
  • Tap on Setting icon
  • Scroll down and click on Card management.
  • Tap on Create ” Virtual Account
  • Enter Your Name, Card Expiry date and Security code.
  • Tap on Create.

Once the Virtual Card is Created, you can use it anywhere for the purpose of shopping which accepts Credit Card. Note there are some limitations , Such as:

  • You Can Not Use them at Gas Stations or Toll Booths.
  •  You can not use them for recurring Payment system.

If you have Physical Card then You can continue using  Spot Me Services. However, If you do not have Physical card then using Virtual card can be convenient.

Option 2 : Use digital Application Such As Apple Pay and Google Pay

You can use Chime Spot Me by using it with Apple Pay  or Google Pay for the purpose of online shopping and Shopping at stores. We have discussed Steps to Use Chime Spot Me with Apple Pay:

  • Assure that you have added Chime Debit Card With Apple Pay. You can do so by Opening Application  on your iPhone and taping on “Add Card”. Then you can follow the instructions given to add Chime Debit Card.
  • When you are ready for shopping, then select Apple pay as payment option.
  • If your shopping Amount is greater than the amount in your Apple pay Wallet, then Chime Spot Me Will Cover the Difference. You will get message ” Spot Me ” on your iPhone Screen
  • Approve the payment and you are ready to go !

How can I use Chime spot me to get cash?

You can use Spot Me by withdrawing money from ATM or requesting cash over-the-counter. The steps of doing this are given below:

Withdrawing Money From ATM:

  • Search for the charge free ATM which is a part of MoneyPass, All Point or Visa Plus Alliance Network.
  • Insert your Chime Debit Card and enter Your PIN.
  •   Select ” Withdraw Cash” Option.
  • Enter the Amount you want to Withdraw.
  • If your Withdrawing amount ids more then the Balance Amount then Chime SpotMe will cover the Difference. An Message Showing ” Spot Me” Will be displayed on ATM Screen.
  • Verify the Withdrawal and receive the Cash.

Over the Counter Withdrawal

Go to any bank or Any Credit Union which is a part of Chime Network

  • Present your Chime Debit Card Trailer.
  • Request for Over-the- Counter Withdrawal  for the amount you need Cash.
  • If your Requested amount is greater than the Available cash in your account then the Balance will be covered by Chime Spot Me. You will see “Spot Me” message on the Trailer Screen.
  • Verify The Withdrawal and Receive the Cash.


In Conclusion, Chime Spot Me is a best way to avoid the Overdraft Charges and receive instant Cash. However, it is not possible to use Spot Me service Without Card, but there are some ways which can help you to do so such as Virtual Card or Using Apple pay. If you are searching the way to avoid Overdraft charges or want to receive instant cash then  Chime Spot Me is a best Option to do So.

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