Apple introduces the Vision Pro : You Must Know these  About It

 Vision Pro seamlessly blends the physical and digital realms, creating a new way to interact with content.

Cutting-edge technology enables eye, hand, and voice inputs for effortless control and navigation.

 High-resolution displays with 23 million pixels offer a remarkably present experience within the physical environment.

 Vision Pro's custom silicon chip and VisionOS create a three-dimensional interface, transcending traditional screens.

 Over 100 immersive gaming experiences are available through Apple Arcade, making Vision Pro a game-changer in the industry.

"EyeSight" functionality allows users to see others while wearing the headset, enhancing social interactions

Apple's entry into immersive technology propels the development of the metaverse and shapes the future of Web3.

The Vision Pro empowers developers to shape the future of immersive experiences and the evolution of the metaverse.

Apple's partnership with The Walt Disney Company expands the boundaries of immersive technology, bridging entertainment and technology.